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Work Sample2 Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd. New York Representative Office

・Planned and executed to write articles for the Japanese fashion magazine "Fashion Headline"

・Conducted interviews and photography on the street

・Analyzed rising trend in New York City to tell Japanese readers

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English Translations

[Urban Elegance: A Glimpse into Global City Styles] Summer 2022 NY Snapshot, Interview with Fashionable New Yorkers, 'What Is The Plan For This Summer?'"

In our captivating series, "Urban Elegance: A Glimpse into Global City Styles," we present the latest fashion insights from iconic cities such as Paris, Milan, NY, and more. Our aim is to bring you the pulse of fashion from around the world, featuring the hottest locales, genuine street styles, and beyond! As we eagerly await the freedom to explore overseas once again, we'll continue to share these vibrant city snapshots in the meantime.

Welcome to our 34th issue, where we immerse you in the dynamic street styles of New Yorkers as the city sizzles. As temperatures rise in the concrete jungle, the fashion thermometer spikes with an overwhelming wave of summer dresses. While recent times have called for restraint, this summer is all about embracing glamour and enjoying the heat, and New York is leading the trend with its vibrant dress styles.

In this issue, we sat down with five stylish New Yorkers with their summer dress ensembles to discover how they're navigating the season, along with their styling tips. As befits the city's fashion-forward residents, their creativity knows no bounds when it comes to summer activities. Many of you may be planning your first trip in years, so dive into these ideas, and let the allure of summer in the city inspire your next adventure.

M.G. (Designer)

Unplugging in Style: A Summer of Digital Detox and Creative Fashion Expression

Embarking on a digital detox journey this summer, M.G. reveals her plans for a three-week retreat in the serene Canadian forest. Intrigued by her itinerary, we delved into the distinctive style that accompanies her adventure. Sporting an original ensemble, she captivates curiosity in a patterned dress from her own creation, "Jeu De Mots." The cool silk fabric print dress effortlessly harmonizes with a black mid-calf length tight skirt and lace-up pumps, showcasing a fashion technique bound to set a reference in the realm of style.

Nooz (Visitor)

Vintage Vogue: Stylish Synthesis of Thrifted Western Boots and Cut-Out One-Piece

Spotting Nooz outside a coffee shop, we find her exploring New York's sights with friends. Her ensemble featuring western boots paired with a cut-out dress is a burgeoning trend swiftly taking over the city this summer. The delicate blend of the dress's beige hue and the rustic olive green of the boots radiates exquisite style, showcasing a fashion-forward sensibility ahead of the trend curve. Notably, the pivotal boots were a thoughtful gift from a friend, unearthed at a thrift store. Anticipating a wellness event intertwining camping, festivals, and a fusion of yoga and music, Nooz is set for a summer of unique experiences.

Farabia (writer, blogger, upcycled brand owner)

Sophisticated Versatility: Elevate Your Style with a Black Resort Dress Suitable for City Chic and Vacation Glam

Encountering Farabia, deeply immersed in the realms of fashion, her meticulous attention to detail and coordination is evident. Adorning a dress from the renowned FARM Rio, a staple in New York's fashion scene, she effortlessly pairs it with a black vest, crafting a summer look that exudes both glamour and a touch of edge. The subtle incorporation of innerwear, highlighted from the bust, along with vibrant accessories and eclectic pin badges, completes a summer style perfectly adaptable to the vibrant streets of New York or the tranquil setting of resort destinations. Sharing her summer plans, Farabia expresses, "I have an extensive workload ahead and am determined to make significant progress."

Lindsey (Consultant)

Sophisticated Street Chic: Elevating Summer Style in All-White with a Playful Pop of Color

Spotting Lindsay amidst her friends, she effortlessly donned an all-white ensemble infused with vibrant hues, creating a striking summer fashion statement. Elevating the look, a tiered skirt from All Saints takes center stage, complemented by a vivid pink Alexander Wang bag and stylish green Nike Air Jordan 1 sneakers. This chic streetwear ensemble seamlessly fuses high-end brands with a pop of kitsch, making it ideal for the dynamic summer of 2022. Lindsay, already immersed in summer adventures, is traversing the country and intends to revel in more quality time with friends as the season unfolds.

Marcia (Designer)

Blooms of Everyday Elegance: Embrace Natural Sophistication in a Floral Resort Dress

Dressed in a delightful summer ensemble from her own designer brand, "Sunday Soho," Masha effortlessly exudes a blend of cuteness and elegance while tastefully revealing a hint of skin. The pale pink dress, adorned with vibrant floral patterns, boasts a versatile two-piece design, offering a myriad of styling possibilities. Complementing the look, Masha's carefree, tousled hairstyle and off-white, low-tech sneakers infuse an elegant yet naturally chic aesthetic. Mastering the art of donning a resort dress in the city for everyday wear, Masha's style serves as a captivating inspiration. As the summer unfolds, Masha is gearing up for a vacation at a music festival in Belgium.

The streets are a runway, and each snapshot tells a tale of individuality and panache. Until our next fashion rendezvous, stay inspired and stay chic!

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