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Hello, I'm Renka Aiba,
Recent Graduate of a Master of Arts in Oral History at Columbia University.
Oral history is a way of preserving people's stories and capturing a reality in a society. I'm learning it to unravel the body and fashion as a cultural realm.
The title of my research project is "What Fashions You in New York City," and I've been collecting personal stories in fashion and self-expression that have been formulated through experiences in New York City.
To tell small narratives in a larger context, I've been experimenting with multimedia storytelling for the project, including SNS posts, editing (zines), and animation.
In my undergraduate studies, I focused on the sociological and philosophical analysis of fashion under the title "Why Fashion? (Japanese)."
I found my passion in bridging culture to culture and people to people through narratives in magazines, PR, and marketing. Through working as a fashion editorial assistant/street interviewer for 
PARCO Co., Ltd. and as a PR/editorial intern for Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd, I developed my skills in observation from the street to the internet and weaving stories with cultural analysis. 
In my spare time, I love drawing, creating animations, making compilations, producing magazinesand redesigning used clothes. I'm also into vintage clothing, visiting museums, and finding hot locals in the city.

If you have any questions, please contact me through email or LinkedIn.

If you are interested in my detailed background, please check out my resume.

​©︎ Renka Aiba

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