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Work Sample1 Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd. New York Representative Office

・Planned and executed to write articles for the Japanese fashion magazine "Fashion Headline"

・Conducted interviews and photography on the street

・Analyzed rising trend in New York City to tell Japanese readers

portfolio article japanese1.jpg

English Translations

[Urban Elegance: A Glimpse into Global City Styles] Spring 2022 NY Snapshot, Interview with Fashionable New Yorkers, 'What Did You Buy Recently?'"

In our captivating series, "Urban Elegance: A Glimpse into Global City Styles," we present the latest fashion insights from iconic cities such as Paris, Milan, NY, and more. Our aim is to bring you the pulse of fashion from around the world, featuring the hottest locales, genuine street styles, and beyond! As we eagerly await the freedom to explore overseas once again, we'll continue to share these vibrant city snapshots in the meantime.

In our 33rd issue, we've woven together the captivating fashion stories of six trendsetting New Yorkers navigating the vibrant city streets during the enchanting green season. These style mavens graciously unveiled insights into their cherished brands, preferred e-commerce haunts, and daily shopping rituals.

Whether you're seeking inspiration or direction for this season's wardrobe, this diverse array of styles offers an abundance of ideas. Dive into the world of New York's street fashion and explore the unexpected.

Alyssum (Sustainability Designer)

Graceful Green: Alyssum's Wardrobe, a Poetic Ode to Sustainable Elegance

Caught in the act of shopping, Alyssam, a sustainability designer in the realm of music technology, embodies environmental consciousness in her fashion choices. Preferring thrift stores and second-hand boutiques, she skillfully merges contrasting styles. On this occasion, she effortlessly paired masculine AMBUSH boots with a feminine dress, creating a captivating balance of two harmonious shades of blue. The result is not only eye-catching but a testament to her unique fashion sensibility. As she unveils her wardrobe secrets, Alyssam also reveals her latest fashion obsession — the distinguished Driss van Noten.

Mia (Social Worker)

Effortless Elegance: Embracing a Relaxed Fusion of High-End Brands with a New York State of Mind

Venturing from Brooklyn to Manhattan to rendezvous with friends, Mia embodies casual sophistication in a white cutwork lace dress paired with gray leather boots and a Loewe straw bag. The ensemble is a delightful fusion of colors and materials, striking the perfect balance. Mia, an aficionado of New York brands like Kate, Tibi, and Sam Edelman, frequently indulges her style cravings at the online emporium INTERMIX. A familiar haunt is ZARA, a brand close to her heart. Mia's distinctive fashion flair, seamlessly blending natural and high-end accessories, is tailor-made for a stylish café getaway on a leisurely holiday.

Julie (Model)

Savvy Style Maven: Navigating Online Boutiques with Ease, Favors the Timeless Appeal of Alexander Wang

Julie, an aspiring fashionista, unabashedly follows her instincts when it comes to shopping, disregarding price constraints. Her eclectic taste spans the spectrum from girly to dad fashion. Currently embracing the trend of a low-rise micro-mini paired with a bold cropped top, Julie effortlessly captures the essence of contemporary style. As a discerning model, she possesses the innate ability to visualize the allure of garments through online images. Julie indulges her sartorial cravings across various online platforms, including SSENSE, Stylenanda, and Farfetch. Her coveted collection boasts favorites such as Alexander Wang and Prada, with occasional forays into the unique offerings of Urban Outfitters.

Mia (Model)

Elegance Redefined: A Harmonious Blend of Vintage and Street Styles Enhanced by the Trendsetting Miniskirt

On her way home from brunch with friends, Mia effortlessly melds vintage charm with street style. Sporting a recently acquired vintage dress and boots, complemented by an Ulla Johnson scarf and a mini Fendi bag, Mia's ensemble exudes timeless sophistication. A casually held varsity jacket introduces a streetwise edge, creating a harmonious blend of trends and vintage flair. The carefully curated look, focusing on fit and incorporating innovative mini-skirt lengths, captures a perfect balance. Mia's brand of choice, Acne Studios, underscores her penchant for contemporary elegance within the realm of timeless fashion.

Kate (Museum Worker)

Material Maven: Kate's Discerning Style, Curated from Flea Market Finds, Embodies Comfort in Elegant One-Piece Ensembles

In the realm of comfort-driven elegance, museum worker Kate curates her wardrobe with precision, favoring Poshmark for material-centric finds over brand labels. Raw silk and linen take the spotlight, exemplifying tactile sophistication. On this day, a mustard-colored low-silk scarf gracefully draped over her shoulders enhances her ensemble. "No trousers today," she quips, embracing a carefree flair. Theory emerges as her latest brand muse—a harmonious fusion of comfort and contemporary allure.

Renata (Model and Artist)

Allure in Monochrome: The It Girl's Stylish Play with Silhouettes and Textures in an All-Black Ensemble

In a leisurely West Village stroll, Renata effortlessly commanded attention in her all-black ensemble. The silhouette of her leather-like dropped shoulder jacket and boyish cropped pants was nothing short of exceptional. The see-through inner lining infused a delicate softness, maintaining an airy weightlessness—a style detail worth emulating. Renata, an artist by trade, beamed with charm as she shared her fashion inspirations, citing Maison Margiela and Yves Saint Laurent as her cherished favorites.

The streets are a runway, and each snapshot tells a tale of individuality and panache. Until our next fashion rendezvous, stay inspired and stay chic!

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